We are an International Car Shipping company specializing in shipping cars to Latin America. We have been shipping cars to the Dominican Republic for over 25 years. The Dominican Republic is situated in the Caribbean Sea south of Cuba. It shares the island with Haiti as its neighbor. It is relatively simple to ship a car from USA to the Dominican Republic. The car shipping methods we use are Roll on Roll off (RoRo) and Shared Containers shipping. Car shipping to Dominican Republic is usually scheduled on a weekly basis with an estimated 4 day transit from USA.shipping-car-by-container3

As from May 1, 2011 No cars older than 5 years can be sent to DR. There are no exceptions!

If your car is far from one of the departure ports below, just indicate in the GET A FREE QUOTE page the origin (location) of where your car is and we’ll arrange our car transporter to meet up with you (or the designated person) to pick up the car. Using a RoRo ship, like the one above right, is great if you are shipping one car to Dominican Republic. The only thing permitted in the car is the spare tire and the jack. You cannot put any of your belongings inside the car. This is not the case when using container shipping. With container shipping, you can send more than one car, or you can send personal belongings to Dominican Republic as well. When using container shipping, a person can put things inside the car. An itemized list along with the values of the items will need to be presented. Here is more information regarding container shipping to Dominican Republic.

Shipping Car to Dominican Republic – Departure Ports: Newark, NJ (RoRo Only) Jacksonville, FL Houston, TX Port Everglades, FL

Shipping Car to Dominican Republic – Arrival Ports: San Souci (Santo Domingo), DR Puerto Plata, DR Rio Haina, DR [This line arrives from Newark, NJ] [This line arrives from Jacksonville] [This line arrives from Port Everglades]

Shipping Car to Dominican Republic – Restrictions
A clear Title of Ownership is required for shipping the vehicle.
As from May 1, 2011 No cars that are older than 5 years can be sent to DR. There are no exceptions
Contact the Dominican Republic Embassy located in Washington, DC to get the latest import tax information.

Embassy of the Dominican Republic
1715 22nd Street, NW
Washington DC 20008
Tel: 202-332-6280